okay I know Akari and Yuu are just side characters but you know what-de geso…. I MUST SEE MORE OF HATTORI YUU-DE GESO

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Metal Gear Solid 2 Concept Art
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Metal Gear Solid 2 Concept Art

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Title: Zurui yo Magnetic today
Artist: Nishikino Maki (CV: Pile) & Yazawa Niko (CV: Tokui Sora)
Album: Love Live! 2 Original Song CD2

iamtristanbatmanの発言:: If you tell me who the blonde girl is from the Bad news every one is weord gif set I will love you for ever and eternity

ah ha ha no need to get so serious I’ll tell you right away-de geso~ It’s Ayase Eri (Erichika) in episode 6 of the 2nd season of the idol anime adaption of Love Live! School Idol Project-de geso! Watch the 1st season and I promise you won’t regret it-de geso~ 

「無題」/「三年B组のsanaeさん」のイラスト [pixiv]
is aikatsu about idols, because if it is then i’m going to watch
heh heh well I guess my “charisma” got someone watching aikatsu!-de geso~ Yes Aikatsu! (short for “idol activities”-de geso) is one of the big three idol anime series in japan (next to im@s, and LL!-de geso) it’s has about 92 episodes and a movie which will be released in the end of this year-de geso! it’s directed towards children but tbh it’s has some elements which are way more better than the other two big idol anime-de geso, it’s performances get so GOOD over the course of the seasons (the cg in case-de geso) and it holds some of the most precious characters ever-de geso! (it’s the series where I found my 2nd beloved love, orchid-tan-de geso~) I’m begging you even tho it has so many episodes please watch it you won’t regret it-de geso!